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LED Modules

LED Modules are available for backlighting signage applications, shop fitting and experiential productions. We offer Free advice with a Free detailed LED layout with every order (If requested).

Find The Right Module in 4 simple steps:

Take the guess work out of selecting the right module for your project. You are guaranteed the best solution if you enter 4 Parameters into our "Find the right module" filter on this page.


Tips for choosing the right parameters:

1) Select the highest Max depth if more than 1 is listed, and by doing this, you will have selected the brightest module. For example if your actual Letter/Box is depth is 60mm, you can select from 60~120mm or 60~200mm. Both will produce excellent illumination. However 60~200mm will offer higher lumens.


2) We would recommend you check the module dimensions to ensure it will fit. You can reset the filter and select the desired Module Dimension as your first option followed by the other options if required.


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