12V RGB LED Series

12V RGB LED Modules | 0,72W or 1,44W per Module | 5 Year Warranty

CE ROHS Compliance Certified

Colour Temperature Scale* :

colour temperature scale

* Computer rendered colour on your screen is not an accurate representation of the actual colour produced by the LED Module. The above scale is for guidance only.

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High performance colour changing RGB LED modules. Wide lens optics offer spot free diffused illumination of Built-up letters and Architectural Cove lighting.


Tips for Installation:

As there are 4 wires with RGB modules, add a minimum of 25mm to allow twisting around tight corners, if installed with twist tension on the wires, this may result in improper installation. The double side tape may not adhere. We recommend applying silicone on the edge of the long side on each module. A suitable size screw through the hole for a firm mechanical fixing can be used instead of the silicone.


You may also need:

An RGB controller plus an RGB Signal Power Amplifier (for larger installations if your project will use more than one LED Driver). View our range


Use the Attachments link above to download Product Datasheet/s and Installations Guides if available.


Data sheet

Product Code
Colour Temp (K)
Input Voltage (DC)
Dimension (L x W x H) mm
34 x 13 x 7
42 x 38 x 8
71 x 19 x 8
Letter / Lightbox Depth Range (mm)
30 ~ 120mm
60 ~ 200mm
Operating Temp (°C)
-20 ° C ~ 50 ° C
VHB plus Mechanical
Typical Life (hrs)
Warranty Period (T&CA)

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