12V Mini Z LED Series

12V Mini Z Series LED Modules | 0,4W or 0,38W per Module | 3 Year Warranty

CE ROHS Compliance Certified

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colour temperature scale

* Computer rendered colour on your screen is not an accurate representation of the actual colour produced by the LED Module. The above scale is for guidance only.

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Super slim design LED modules with exceptional high lumen output per watts. 

Specifically designed for Acrylic Built-up Letters with Acrylic Returns. Other applications include Architectural applications including under cabinet and under shelf illumination.

Brief Installation Guide: Place these modules in the centre of the letter stroke, away from the sides of the letters. The Narrow 120degree angle of light will radiate to form diffused illumination to the face and the returns. 

These modules are not suitable for low profile returns or narrow stroke width letters with Acrylic returns.


Use the Attachments link above to download Product Datasheet/s and Installations Guides if available.


Data sheet

Product Code
Colour Temp (K)
4000K Warm White
8000K Cool White
Input Voltage (DC)
Dimension (L x W x H) mm
32 x 5 x 3
40 x 5 x 3
Letter / Lightbox Depth Range (mm)
60 ~ 120mm
Operating Temp (°C)
-20 ° C ~ 50 ° C
VHB tape
Typical Life (hrs)
Warranty Period (T&CA)

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