Installation Guides

Not all guides are currently uploaded, we are adding more content every month. Please get in touch if you require technical assistance by email or by phone.

LED Module Guides:

  1. LED Layout and Wiring Guide
  2. Semafor Edge LED Install Guide
  3. Lightbox LED Layout Guide
  4. Retrofit LED Lightbox Guide

LED Flex Tape Guides:

  1. Installing LED Flex Tape
  2. RGB and RGBW Install Guide
  3. RGB Digital Install Guide
  4. Dual Colour CCT Install Guide

Neon Flex LED Guides:

  1. Neon Flex Install Guide
  2. RGB Neon Flex Install Guide

Cabochon LED Lamp Guides:

  1. Cabochon LED Single Colour Wiring Guide
  2. Cabochon RGB Digital Wiring GuideĀ 

Pixel LED Wiring Guide:

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