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LED Drivers

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Calculate using this method:

1. Multiply the power of your selected modules by the quantity of modules. i.e. Module Power x Module Quantity = Max Load of Driver. Example Module Power 1.08W  Total Quantity of Modules 137. Calculation 1.08x137=147.96 In this case the suitable driver would be with a Max Load of 148W or higher.


2. Select the options in the "FIND THE RIGHT DRIVER" filter in the left column on this page. 


3. In the Max Load dropdown choose a value slightly higher or equal to your calculated value in Step 1. A lower Max load value should not be used, it will render the warranty void if premature failure occurs.


Repeat this process for installations which require more than one Driver. Avoid using a single driver to power over long distances, as this may result in voltage drops. We recommend using multiple drivers in close proximity to the modules where possible.

IP Ratings:

IP20 - Indoor use only

IP65 or IP67 - PVC case, Outdoors, no exposure to direct sunlight

IP67 - Aluminium Case, Outdoors




LED Drivers

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